Organic Waste Collection and Composting

Samborski Environmental Ltd. is proud to offer Winnipeg a brand new exciting service…

Source Separated Organic Collection
Commercial and Residential
We can help turn your organic waste into Compost and help you adopt a Progressive Waste Management Program.

The material is separated at the source by collecting it in designated totes.  The organics are then collected by our truck on a scheduled pick up, brought back to our composting facility, this material is diverted from our landfills and then managed in to high grade compost.  Our Organics Recycling program is as much about soil quality as it is about waste diversion.

Composting is cost effective in that it removes the heavy wet materials from the trash.  By composting you can reduce harmful landfill emissions that contribute to climate change, and help to preserve landfill space.  Composting is also far more economical than landfilling over the long term because landfills pose large environmental risks. 

What we will do is identify the most appropriate and cost effective strategy for collecting your organics.  We can provide you with collection containers for easy segregation, and provide you with a scheduled pickup, or on an as per needed basis.

Click here to download a list of acceptable material

Service Information:

  • Send less to landfill. Organics represent over one-third of the materials being sent to landfills. Whether through backyard or large-scale composting or anaerobic digestion, those banana peels, apple cores and other organic materials can be recycled.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases. According to Environment Canada, landfill sites account for about 38 per cent of Canada's total methane emissions. It's the organics that are buried in the landfill that are a key contributor to this production of greenhouse gases.
  • Recover valuable materials. Composting produces compost, the single most important ingredient for healthy and productive soil.
  • Make a positive environmental difference. With compost, you can take resources otherwise regarded as waste - organic residuals - and turn them into something of value while at the same time realizing landfill and greenhouse gas reductions, improved soil productivity and water quality.
2.Service is available Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
3.Appropriate totes are provided for rental or purchase.
4.Literature and training is available to management and staff.
5.To ensure a successful program let all staff involved know about the program.


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